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    EU Funding Initiative to Boost Businesses Near Belarus and Russia Borders

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    Boosting border businesses: EU initiative aids Polish enterprises near Belarus and Russia, driving innovation and economic growth.

    In response to the socio-economic challenges posed by Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and Belarus’ proximity to the aggressor’s influence, a new European initiative aims to invigorate micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in select Polish counties. The “European Funds for Podlaskie 2021-2027” program seeks to attract investors and generate employment in regions grappling with population decline, rising unemployment, and reduced tax revenues.

    Supporting innovation in products, services, and processes, the initiative targets 50 municipalities from counties bordering Belarus (Sejny, Augustów, Sokółka, Białystok, Hajnówka, Siemiatycze) and Russia (Suwałki). Evaluation criteria encompass project novelty, employment growth, alignment with regional expertise, environmental impact, workforce development, and investment type.

    Micro and small enterprises are eligible for up to 70% funding, while medium-sized ones can receive up to 60%. The application deadline is September 11, with results anticipated by December. A subsequent competition, running from September 22 to October 31, will focus on fostering exports through innovation.

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