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    EU Treaty Amendments Threaten Poland’s Sovereignty

    EU treaty changes threaten Poland’s influence on foreign policy, raising concerns about sovereignty and national interests.

    The proposed changes to EU treaties stir concern for Poland’s sovereignty and influence over foreign policy. According to PiS MP Zbigniew Rau, these amendments would strip Poland of its input on crucial matters such as foreign policy, security, and defense. The shift from consensus to unanimity in decision-making implies a loss of control for individual member states, favoring larger EU powers like Germany and France.

    Unacceptable Implications

    Rau argues that such a change would undermine Poland’s national interests, especially concerning relationships with Russia, the US, and China. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining national autonomy in foreign policy decisions, rooted in historical and geopolitical factors unique to each member state. Allowing the European Commission to dictate foreign policy could lead to policies that neglect Poland’s specific concerns and priorities.

    Preserving National Sovereignty

    Rau’s concerns reflect broader debates within the EU about the balance between centralized decision-making and member state sovereignty. While cooperation is essential, Rau asserts that foreign policy should remain under the jurisdiction of individual member states, with decisions made through consensus rather than imposed unanimity.

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