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    Eufonie Festival. A celebration of the music of Central-Eastern Europe

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    November 18 marked the beginning of the 4th “Eufonie” International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe organized by the National Cultural Center with the support of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. During this edition of the festival, many concerts will be devoted to Ukrainian music and artists from that country.

    “This year’s edition is special because, since February 24, we are experiencing a real invasion of Ukraine by Russia. That’s why we devote so much space to Ukrainian music and its great artists,”

    Jaroslaw Sellin, the originator of the festival and deputy minister of culture and national heritage, said.

    Outstanding Festival

    That’s the fourth edition of the “Eufonie” International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe. The first edition of the event was in 2018. “Eufonie” has already found its place on the musical map of Europe. 

    As the organizers emphasize, the idea of the festival ” is to popularize the cultural heritage of most countries known today as Central and Eastern Europe: from the Balkans, through Romania and Austria, the Visegrad Group countries, Ukraine and Belarus, to the Baltic States.”

    The “Eufonie” festival lasts nine days. Musicians from 12 countries, including 5 symphony orchestras, 7 ensembles, 7 soloists and 9 singers, will present themselves before the public. A total of about 600 artists will participate in the event. An important place on the festival map will be occupied by artists who come from Ukraine.

    “Eufonie” festival’s leitmotif

    “Previously we focused on Central-Eastern and Central-Northern Europe. We played a lot of music from the Baltic countries, Finland, and Norway. This year, we have Austria-Hungary. It allows us to pay attention to those more southern regions of Central and Eastern Europe,”

    Dr Mieczyslaw Kominek, chairman of the Festival’s Program Council, said.

    Check also the official website of “Eufonie” International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe here.

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