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    European Best Destinations 2023 contest: Warsaw Emerges as the Most Attractive Tourist Destination in Europe

    In a thrilling turn of events, Warsaw has been crowned the most attractive tourist destination in Europe in the highly esteemed European Best Destinations 2023 competition. A staggering 686,000 individuals from 178 countries enthusiastically participated in this contest, with 48% hailing from Europe and the remaining from various corners of the globe.

    Surpassing all expectations, Warsaw garnered a remarkable 142,081 votes, triumphing over Athens, which secured 91,000 votes, and clinching the coveted title. Notably, Warsaw shattered the previous record held by Porto in 2017, which garnered 138,000 votes, putting Warsaw ahead by a margin of 4,000 votes.

    The ranking of the most attractive cities in Europe in 2023 according to internet users:
    1. Warsaw
    2. Athens
    3. Maribor
    4. Vienna
    5. Cittadella
    6. Essen
    7. Veszprém
    8. London
    9. Grenoble
    10. Mannheim
    11. Porto Santo
    12. Toledo
    13. Faial
    14. Rhodes
    15. Copenhagen
    16. Tossa de Mar
    17. Ascona-Locarno
    18. Milos
    19. Prague
    20. Soller
    21. Delft

    Representatives of the Warsaw Tourist Organization have highlighted the significance of this prestigious accolade, as it will bolster Warsaw’s standing as a captivating tourist destination on the international stage. Furthermore, it will facilitate more effective promotion and marketing endeavors for the Polish capital in the coming months.

    This momentous achievement also spells excellent news for the meeting industry. The European Best Destination accolade for Warsaw translates to heightened promotion for the city in the following year. The positive ramifications will not only impact tourists but also foster increased interest in the international meeting industry and events in the medium and long term.

    Described by the organizers of the European Best Destinations competition as beautiful, friendly, green, and globally inclusive, Warsaw truly has something to offer every traveler. Whether it be a family city break, cultural retreat, shopping adventure, or romantic getaway, Warsaw, as the European Best Destination 2023, guarantees a remarkable experience. Visitors can bask in the splendor of its picturesque parks, unwind on the city’s inviting beaches, savor the delectable gastronomy, and explore the vibrant events calendar that spans the entire year. Iconic landmarks like the Old Town with its colorful buildings, the towering Palace of Culture and Science, and the splendid Łazienki Park with its palaces, pavilions, and greenhouses will undoubtedly leave visitors awestruck.

    While in Warsaw, make sure to stroll down “Krakowskie Przedmieście,” the city’s most prestigious street, and pay a visit to the Warsaw Barbican, a historic fortification that once encircled the capital. Boasting dynamism and radiance, Warsaw offers an array of activities and experiences, from indulging in local culinary delights to embarking on thrilling adventures like hot air balloon rides and zip-lining in its parks. If a leisurely cruise appeals to you, meandering down the picturesque Vistula River is an excellent choice. Families traveling with children should not miss out on the Warsaw Zoo and the exhilarating Moczydło water park, complete with slides, wave pools, and other water attractions.

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