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    European Commission Approves Aid Package for Polish Grain and Oilseed Producers

    In a significant move to support Polish grain and oilseed producers impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the European Commission (EC) granted approval on Friday for a Polish government aid programme worth approximately EUR 123.30 million.

    This aid initiative aims to provide direct assistance to the affected farmers. Under the programme guidelines, grants will be disbursed directly to the beneficiaries, with individual handouts not exceeding EUR 250,000. It’s important to note that these funds are set to be allocated no later than December 31, 2023.

    The EC justified its decision by stating that the aid programme is necessary, appropriate, and proportionate in addressing the economic disturbances faced by a member state. Polish farmers had voiced their concerns about the adverse effects of agricultural imports from Ukraine. These imports had led to a sharp decline in the prices of domestically produced goods, making it challenging for the local farmers to sell their products in the domestic market.

    This aid package comes as a relief to the Polish agricultural sector, providing a much-needed financial boost during these trying times. The approved funds will play a crucial role in stabilizing the market for grain and oilseed producers, allowing them to continue their operations without the undue burden caused by the fluctuations in market prices.


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