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    Europe’s Migration Crisis: Poland’s Stand Against Illegal Immigration

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    In a recent interview with “Gazeta Polska,” Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Poland’s Law and Justice Party, voiced his strong stance against illegal migration and emphasized the need to send migrants who have arrived back to their home countries. He criticized the European Union’s migration policies, claiming they have led to a crisis that disproportionately affects countries like Poland. Kaczyński’s statements reflect Poland’s unwavering opposition to mandatory relocation of migrants, a position that prevented such actions during the initial wave of migrants eight years ago.

    Kaczyński highlighted the growing challenges posed by illegal migration, particularly from Africa, making it difficult to implement comprehensive aid programs for migrants. He noted that even dedicating substantial financial resources would only address the issue on a limited scale. The scale of the problem, he argued, requires hundreds of billions of euros annually, a daunting and potentially unsustainable figure.

    The European Dilemma

    The leader of the Law and Justice Party pointed out the risks and impracticality of the current mechanisms in place in Europe to manage migration. He warned that if not addressed, the situation could threaten the very fabric of European civilization, overwhelmed by the influx of hundreds of millions of people.

    Jarosław Kaczyński called for a strong electoral mandate and popular support to back Poland’s opposition to migrant relocation, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming referendum. He urged citizens to participate in the upcoming elections on October 15 to protect Poland’s interests.

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