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    Eurostat: Poland with even lower unemployment

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    Poland’s unemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal factors, was 2.8 per cent in January, compared to 2.9 per cent in December, Eurostat reports. Poland is the European runner-up for the lowest unemployment.

    “The EU statistical office once again confirms the good and stable situation on our (Poland’s – ed.) labour market. This is an undoubted success, which we owe to the appropriate policy of the United Right government. We have achieved the second-best result in the European Union, overtaken only by the Czech Republic with a result of 2.5 per cent. As we have proved many times before, we can face global crises. The pandemic that affected the whole world led to unimaginable unemployment in many countries, but we came out of it unscathed. The war in Ukraine was another test. We passed the test of humanity by providing employment for the citizens of that country, while at the same time protecting the Polish labour market,”

    Minister for Family and Social Policy Marlena Maląg says.

    Up to now, in Eurostat’s rankings, Poland has been in second place with the lowest unemployment in the EU on a par with Germany. In January, Germany dropped to third place – its unemployment rate was 3 per cent.

    The country with the highest unemployment rate, 13 per cent, is Spain. For the EU as a whole, the unemployment rate was 6.1 per cent.

    “The EU unemployment rate was 6.1 % in January 2023, also stable compared with December 2022 and down from 6.3 % in January 2022,”

    Eurostat informs

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