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    EU’s Migration Pact: A Looming Disaster for Poland

    The recently endorsed EU migration pact is poised to unleash a fiscal apocalypse on member states, warned PiS MEP Jadwiga Wiśniewska. Under the guise of “mandatory solidarity,” nations face an exorbitant burden, with Poland expected to foot the bill for every migrant it rejects to the tune of 20,000 EUR per person. Wiśniewska’s stark revelations shed light on the imminent crisis brewing within the corridors of Brussels.

    EU’s Migration Pact: Controversy and Coercion Amidst Polish and Hungarian Opposition

    Despite Poland and Hungary standing firm against the pact, it sailed through the European Parliament and received the nod from the Council of the European Union. This bureaucratic juggernaut comprises ten legislative texts, greenlit by MEPs on April 9. However, the true ramifications are set to reverberate in 2026 when the bulk of these regulations takes effect.

    At the heart of this contentious pact lies the “voluntary solidarity mechanism,” a Trojan horse veiling coerced migrant quotas. Member states are coerced into relocating a minimum of 30,000 individuals annually or paying the hefty fine. For Poland, this spells financial ruin, as articulated by Wiśniewska’s dire warnings.

    A recent televised debate featuring French Premier Gabriel Attal underscored the gravity of the situation. Attal’s jubilation at Eastern Europe’s plight reveals a callous disregard for the sovereignty of nations like Poland, consigned to the frontline of this migration onslaught.

    Poland’s Fiscal Crisis Looms: A Double Blow to Essential Services and Energy Prices

    The implications are dire: slashed budgets for essential services like healthcare and education, compounded by imminent hikes in energy prices. Wiśniewska’s scathing rebuke of Tusk’s assurances rings true; Poland faces a fiscal stranglehold, irrespective of its stance on migration.

    “So, there will be less money for healthcare, education, social assistance, and on the other hand – Tusk will propose another increase in energy prices, and we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation. We see today that all of this, regarding the migration pact, was arranged and agreed upon. Tusk’s justification of this solution by saying that they will not order us to accept migrants, or pay – because we have accepted Ukrainian citizens, is a lie. The law doesn’t work backward – they will say. It will have no effect,”

    explained the politician.

    Migrant Favoritism Threatens Native Poles

    Moreover, the specter of “benefit equalization” looms large, with migrants potentially receiving preferential treatment over native Poles. Wiśniewska’s astute observations underscore the systemic injustice inherent in this pact, with Central and Eastern European nations shouldering an unfair burden.

    “Furthermore, countries that will accept these illegal migrants will have to provide social assistance in the form of housing – until the person becomes self-sufficient. The question is, will they want to become self-sufficient. This is a truly unacceptable situation,”

    she said. 

    EU Cohesion in Peril: Wiśniewska Warns of Migration Pact’s Catastrophic Impact

    In essence, the migration pact heralds the demise of EU cohesion, as underscored by Wiśniewska’s damning assessment. The touted successes of the European Commission, including the Green Deal, pale in comparison to the existential threat posed by this ill-conceived pact. Its passage marks the legitimization of criminal procedures at the expense of member states’ sovereignty.

    As Wiśniewska aptly concludes, the migration pact is not a triumph but a harbinger of EU’s downfall. It is high time for Brussels to heed the warnings of nations like Poland before irreversible damage is wrought upon the European project.

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