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    EU’s Migration Pact Sparks Outrage: Saryusz-Wolski Warns of Impending Migrant Surge

    The European Union’s recent adoption of a controversial migration pact has ignited a firestorm of debate across Europe, particularly in Poland. Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, an MEP from Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) party, sounded the alarm over a looming tidal wave of migrants from Africa and the Middle East, citing alarming comments from EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson.

    Appearing on TV Republika, Saryusz-Wolski warned that the pact’s acceptance would function as a powerful magnet, drawing a massive influx of migrants into Europe. “We are facing an onslaught,” he declared. According to Saryusz-Wolski, Johansson openly stated that Europe needs 4.5 million migrants annually to address demographic deficits, mix communities, and, conveniently for left-wing parties, secure future voters.

    Controversial Remarks Stir Political Firestorm

    The situation was further inflamed by recent remarks from French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal during a heated debate with National Rally leader Jordan Bardella. Attal praised the EU’s migration pact, especially its mandatory solidarity mechanism, which shifts some refugee intake responsibilities to Central and Eastern European countries under a coercive “take them or pay” policy. This has spurred PiS politicians to call for an emergency session of the Polish Sejm to confront the migration pact.

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    During the TV Republika discussion, MEP Marek Balt attempted to downplay the pact’s implications, arguing that its regulations are manageable. He insisted that relocation would only occur with the migrant’s consent and the receiving country’s approval, provided adequate conditions are met. He also highlighted new procedures for rapid migrant verification, including fingerprinting and photographing, with strict penalties for repeat illegal entry attempts.

    Sharp Divide on Migration Pact Implementation

    Saryusz-Wolski swiftly rebutted Balt’s reassurances, dismissing them as partially false and largely theoretical. He stressed that the European Commission holds the power to unilaterally increase migrant quotas and impose penalties, which he argued is a violation of EU treaties that should require unanimous consent rather than a qualified majority vote.

    “The naked truth is that this forced relocation of migrants breaches EU treaties. The pact’s adoption was a violation of unanimity, and its implementation will inevitably lead to a flood of migrants from Africa and the Middle East who feel invited,” Saryusz-Wolski reiterated. He reinforced his claim by referencing Johansson’s remarks about Europe’s demographic and social integration needs.

    The debate over the migration pact highlights the deepening rifts within the EU about handling migration effectively and equitably. As the EU proceeds with the pact, member states like Poland remain vocal about their reservations, advocating for policies that prioritize national sovereignty and robust border protection while managing collective responsibilities. 

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