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    Exciting Changes in the Polish Education System for the New School Year

    Polish education gears up for the new school year with free laptops for 4th graders, a new subject, and innovative teaching materials.

    As the summer holidays come to an end, Polish students are preparing to return to school, and the upcoming school year promises significant changes. The Ministry of Education has announced its commitment to continue the “Discover Poland” and “Laboratories of the Future” programs.

    Free Laptops

    In September, all 4th-grade primary school students will receive free laptops with pre-installed operating systems and access to a free office suite. Parents and schools will have the option to install additional software as needed. The “Laptop for the Teacher” program, launching in October, aims to provide laptops to educators, enhancing their teaching capabilities.

    Under the “Laptop for Students” initiative, students will gain access to additional educational materials and free electronic textbooks, fostering interactive and digital learning.

    Support for Educators

    Teachers will also benefit from the program, receiving vouchers worth 2,500 PLN (Polish złoty) for computer equipment purchases. These vouchers will initially be distributed to teachers working with 4th to 8th graders in primary schools.

    New Subject: Business and Management

    A new subject, “Business and Management,” will be introduced in upper-secondary schools, replacing “Entrepreneurship Basics.” This curriculum will focus on group work, business case studies, and the development of leadership skills.

    Starting from the 2026/27 school year, high school graduates will have the option to take an extended-level matriculation exam in this subject, providing them with valuable skills for future careers.

    Changes are also coming to the Latin language curriculum, allowing it to be taught in 7th and 8th grades of primary school, as well as in high schools and technical schools, instead of a second modern foreign language.

    Moreover, the Polish language curriculum for high schools and technical schools will now include educational games like “This War of Mine” by 11BitStudios and “The Cipher Game” by the Institute of National Remembrance. These games are available for free through the Integrated Educational Platform at

    The upcoming school year in Poland is set to be one of innovation and adaptation, offering students and teachers new tools and opportunities for learning and growth.

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