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    Exciting Lineup Unveiled for JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” 2024 at Club Jassmine

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    The highly anticipated JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” returns to Club Jassmine on January 14, kicking off a stellar lineup of 16 concerts featuring top talents from the Polish independent jazz scene and international guests. Attendees will not only enjoy live performances but also have the unique opportunity to participate in the recording sessions.

    Diverse Lineup:
    The 2024 edition showcases a blend of Polish jazz luminaries and global artists from countries such as Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Canada, Norway, Slovakia, Hungary, and the USA. Founder Jakub Krzeszowski expressed excitement about fostering bilateral relationships through music, aligning with the “Dookoła Świata” project promoting Polish musicians worldwide.

    International Highlights:
    Grammy winner Randy Brecker headlines in March, joined by Piotr Lemańczyk Trio. Tel Aviv’s Shalosh, Greece’s Spiral Trio, and Croatia’s Ratko Zjaca Horizon Trio promise captivating performances throughout the year.

    Recording Experience:
    Audiences not only witness extraordinary jazz in Jassmine’s concert hall but also become part of audio and video recordings. Selected tracks will be shared on social media, enhancing the immersive experience.

    Support and Further Initiatives:
    JAZZ PO POLSKU, organized by the Jazz Po Polsku Foundation, is co-financed by the City of Warsaw. Partners include Jassmine and the Institute of Economic Diplomacy Foundation. Media patrons are Jazz Forum and Warsaw Insider. The Foundation’s efforts extend globally through the “Dookoła Świata” project.

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