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    Exciting Start to Track Cycling Champions League Season in Majorca

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    The Track Cycling Champions League kicked off its second season in style on the beautiful island of Majorca. Dutch sensation Harrie Lavreysen marked an impressive start by claiming victory in the sprint event. Lavreysen faced tough competition from French rider Tom Derache, who secured second place, and Poland’s Mateusz Rudyk, who clinched third.

    One unique feature of the league is the absence of eliminations, allowing all participants to race throughout. In the 750m sprints, riders competed in groups of three during the first round and semifinals. Rudyk’s path to the podium included victories over Jean Spies from South Africa and Ronaldo Singh Laitonjama of India. However, he narrowly lost to Derache in the semifinals.

    Lavreysen continued his dominance, triumphing in the keirin event, while Rudyk bowed out in the first round.

    In the women’s competition, German cyclist Alessa-Catriona Propster secured the sprint title, with Emma Finucane from the UK and Martha Bayona from Colombia claiming second and third places, respectively. The keirin event saw New Zealand’s Ellesse Andrews take the top spot.

    The Track Cycling Champions League features 36 invited riders, each participating in two disciplines: sprints or middle-distance events.

    The next thrilling showdown will take place in Berlin next Saturday, with subsequent events scheduled in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines on November 4th and two more in London on November 10th and 11th.

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