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    Expanding Railway Infrastructure to Boost Connectivity: Bieszczady and Masuria Among Beneficiaries

    The Ministry of Infrastructure has announced a significant step towards enhancing Poland’s railway network. On August 16, 2023, the Cabinet approved an update to the National Railway Program, paving the way for further investments in rail routes across the country. Notably, the heart of Masuria will be better connected through the revitalization of the railway line 223, and a convenient route to Bieszczady will be established with upgrades to railway line 108.

    Revitalizing the Railway Network

    The new National Railway Program signifies a commitment to ambitious rail investments in Poland. Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk, emphasized the government’s dedication to constructing a safe, comfortable, and predictable rail system. “Our goal is to increase the number of train passengers in Poland,” stated Minister Adamczyk, highlighting the financial support allocated for constructing and reconstructing numerous railway tracks, stations, and rolling stock.

    Reconnecting Masuria: Line 223

    Among the highlighted projects is the revitalization of the railway line 223, which passes through the heart of Masuria. This currently disused track runs from Czerwonka in the Olsztyn district, through Mrągowo, Mikołajki, and Orzysz, to Ełk. The project aims to restore the entire line for passenger transportation, with improved infrastructure catering to those with limited mobility. The restoration of line 223 will reestablish passenger connections to Mrągowo, Mikołajki, and Orzysz, connecting Olsztyn and Ełk via three railway lines instead of two.

    Efficient Travel to Bieszczady: Line 108

    The updated National Railway Program also opens the door for the modernization of railway line 108 from Jasło to Nowy Zagórz, providing faster travel options to Bieszczady. Plans include track layout reconstruction, engineering structure upgrades, station renovations, and the establishment of new stops. The project, scheduled within the 2021–2027 financial perspective, falls under the Eastern Poland European Funds Program.

    Driving Inclusive Connectivity

    The success of the Polish rail sector’s revival over the past eight years demonstrates the government’s commitment to combating regional communication exclusion. Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Bittel, emphasized the significance of these investments in fostering equitable connectivity throughout the country.

    In conclusion, the recent update to the National Railway Program underscores Poland’s dedication to bolstering its rail infrastructure. With renewed railway connections to Masuria and enhanced accessibility to Bieszczady, these developments promise increased convenience and connectivity for travelers across the nation.

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