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    Exploring Life’s Secrets: 13th National Night of Biologists in Poland

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    Under the theme “Secrets of Life from Cells to the Biosphere,” the 13th edition of the National Night of Biologists is set to take place on Friday, January 12. With over 1,200 events across 30 scientific centers nationwide, the night promises a diverse range of activities for biology enthusiasts and related science aficionados.

    Nationwide Biological Extravaganza
    The full program, available on the event’s website, offers registration for various activities. With a growing interest, many sessions are already fully booked, reflecting the popularity of the event.

    A Multifaceted Exploration of Life
    This year’s focus is to delve into the mysteries of life, spanning molecular levels, biological organisms, ecology, and their integration into ecosystems and the biosphere. Dr. Beata Messyasz, the national coordinator, emphasizes the diverse perspectives offered during the event.

    Wide Array of Engaging Activities
    Over 1,200 proposals include lectures, laboratories, workshops, quizzes, shows, artistic workshops, games, and tours. Participants can interact with scientific equipment and learn about the research methods used by biologists to address new questions.

    Growing Enthusiasm and Participation
    With more than half of the activities being workshops and laboratories held in small groups, the program also features lectures and online transmissions. Thirty scientific units from across the country are involved in organizing this year’s event, showcasing the increasing popularity of the Night of Biologists.

    Celebrating Biological Passion
    The success of the Night of Biologists is attributed to the shared passion for biology and the enthusiasm of those involved in organizing the event, including coordinators, researchers, students, and volunteers.


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