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    Exploring the Enchanting Roztocze: The Petrified Trees Trail in Siedliska

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    Discovering the lesser-known charm of Roztocze, nature enthusiasts should venture into Siedliska, a quaint village in the Lubycza Królewska commune, to traverse the Petrified Trees Trail.

    A Geological Journey Through Time

    The trail earns its intriguing name from the preserved fragments of cypress family trees that fossilized millions of years ago, as documented by Jan Długosz. The six-stop educational path becomes a historical treasure trove for curious visitors.

    Tracing Sapiehów Heritage

    Wanderers along the trail unravel the history of the Sapiehów family, former stewards of the Siedliska estate. They explore the iconic church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, admire a Tatar burial mound, and pause for contemplation at a chapel overlooking a miraculous spring.

    From St.Nicholas Orthodox Church to Fossilized Wonders

    The journey culminates with visits to the exquisite St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and the intriguing Museum of Petrified Trees, providing a deeper connection to the region’s cultural and geological richness.

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