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    Exploring the Intersection of Minds and Machines at Copernicus Festival

    Join the Copernicus Festival in Krakow for inspiring lectures and events exploring the theme of “Machine” from May 21-25.

    Professor Piotr Durka’s keynote lecture on “Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Search for Electrical Traces of Consciousness” marked the first day of Copernicus Festival at the Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow. The festival’s theme, “Machine,” provides a backdrop for discussions on the fusion of human minds and technology.

    Evening Keynote Lectures

    Each evening, distinguished speakers will deliver keynote lectures. Highlights include talks by Professor Agnieszka Pollo, Professor Krzysztof Pyrć, and Professor Thomas Plummer. On Saturday, zoologist Lars Chittka will discuss cognitive evolution in insects, followed by Professor Dominika Dudek’s lecture on psychiatry to close the event.

    The festival features nearly 50 events, including morning “Breakfasts with Masters” and afternoon “Confrontations.” According to Festival Director Professor Bartosz Brożek, the festival aims to integrate science deeply into cultural experience, demonstrating its relevance to our understanding of the world.

    The Museum of Engineering and Technology, a key partner for three years, hosts numerous related activities. New this year, the Apteka Designu will present interactive lectures, enhancing the festival’s diverse offerings.

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