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    Exposing Celebrity Abuse: Krzysztof S. Accused of Pedophilia Following “Swamp” Documentary Broadcast

    Krzysztof S., co-creator of the music program “Tęczowy Music Box” for children and teenagers, is facing charges of sexually exploiting a person below the age of 15. The indictment has been forwarded to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. This development comes in the wake of journalist Mariusz Zielke’s investigative report, which was exclusively aired on Telewizja Republika.

    According to spokesperson Szymon Banna from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, the indictment against Krzysztof S. was brought before the court on July 14. The musician stands accused under Article 200, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, which deals with sexual exploitation of minors under the age of 15. If convicted, Krzysztof S. could face a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 12 years.

    Banna clarified, “The charges relate to an incident in 2017 that took place in Puławy during jazz workshops organized for children and young people by an association, whose president at the time was the accused, Krzysztof S.”

    The accused has denied committing the alleged act and refused to provide any further explanations regarding the matter.

    The Effective Work of the Journalist

    At the end of June, journalist Mariusz Zielke’s documentary titled “Swamp” (Polish – “Bagno” – ed.) was published on YouTube. Telewizja Republika was the only channel that agreed to broadcast the documentary.

    The film shed light on the accusations against renowned jazz musician Krzysztof S. Following the film’s release, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw responded, stating that only one of the several charges against the musician had not yet exceeded the statute of limitations, and the investigation into his case was in its final stages.

    In their statement, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw revealed that notifications of the alleged sexual crimes committed by Krzysztof S. against them, during the 1990s, were only submitted to the prosecution in late October 2018.

    “In the course of the investigation, it was determined that all the crimes, except one, reported by the victims had already passed the statute of limitations at the time of notifying the prosecution. According to Article 17, Section 1, Point 6 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the proceedings are discontinued if the statute of limitations has expired,”

    explained Prosecutor Szymon Banna.

    He further highlighted that the expiration of the statute of limitations for the mentioned acts was confirmed by the Mokotów District Court in Warsaw, which upheld the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss the investigation. The court stated that regardless of the legal classification of the behaviors described by the victims, those acts had already surpassed the statute of limitations when the notifications were filed with the prosecution.

    Pedophilia among Celebrities

    In February 2019, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw initiated an investigation into allegations of rape against two underage victims who were below the age of 15 during the years 1997-1999.

    The investigation was triggered by reports from two women who accused the pianist of sexual assault and rape during their childhood when they appeared on the programs “Tęczowy Music Box” and “Co jest Grane,” as well as in the group “Tęcza.” The details of the allegations were not disclosed by the prosecution.

    In early November of the previous year, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw announced that they had dropped the investigation into Krzysztof S.’s alleged rape of the two girls below the age of 15 during the years 1997-1999. The reason cited was the expiration of the statute of limitations for those offenses, while separate proceedings were still ongoing for the non-expired allegations.

    You can watch the entire documentary with English subtitles below.


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