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    EY GDS Poland Launches Fifth Volunteering Festival

    EY GDS Poland’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility project, the fifth edition of the Volunteering Festival, kicks off on April 17th. This initiative involves planting 4000 trees, creating eco-gardens for schools, city clean-ups, and repurposing shirts into toys for rescue dogs. It’s part of EY’s global effort to improve the lives of 1 billion people worldwide.

    Making an Impact on 1 Billion Lives

    The Volunteering Festival aligns with EY’s goal to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2030. Employees can take two days of volunteering leave twice a year to engage in societal and environmental initiatives. This festival occurs across all nine EY GDS branches worldwide, including Poland, Spain, Hungary, UK, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, and India.

    Eco-Focused Initiatives

    The fifth edition, starting on April 17th, 2024, focuses on ecology and environmental support. EY GDS Poland estimates the participation of 300 employees over several days to benefit the local community.

    Partnerships for Change

    EY GDS Poland collaborates with Klub Gaja, a Polish environmental organization, to create eco-gardens for local schools, fostering ecological awareness and responsibility in young minds. Additionally, they join forces with Wrocław Bike Association for an online session on cycling, promoting sustainable transportation.

    Upcycling and Environmental Awareness

    Volunteers will participate in workshops with NGO Goodera, transforming old shirts into toys for rescue dogs, promoting sustainability through material reuse.

    City Cleanup and Tree Planting

    Participants will also clean up the city and plant 4000 trees in Wrocław’s Osobowice area, contributing to better air quality and urban aesthetics.

    Past Achievements and Future Commitments

    In 2023, 150 EY GDS Poland volunteers planted trees, earning recognition with the Global Green Business Award. The organization’s commitment extends beyond volunteering events, supporting various social and educational initiatives to enhance community development and youth education.

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