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    Farmers Feel Dismissed After Meeting at Prime Minister’s Office: “Nothing Specific Was Offered”

    Protesting farmers felt snubbed following a meeting with Minister Jan Grabiec at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. The meeting ended with the farmers walking out, feeling their concerns were not addressed. “Unfortunately, nothing concrete was offered, which forced us to leave the meeting. We are now waiting to see what the government will propose by March 7. As of now, they have proposed nothing; we will not back down, our protests will continue, and the blockades will remain,” stated Szczepan Wójcik, the protest organizer.

    The capital witnessed a farmers’ protest, which marched to several key locations including the Parliament and the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. The protesting delegation had a chance to meet with the Sejm Speaker, Szymon Hołownia, before heading to the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. Prime Minister Donald Tusk was on an official visit to the Czech Republic, attending a summit in Prague with the Visegrád Group, and was unavailable to meet the farmers. However, they were received by Jan Grabiec.

    After their unfruitful meeting with Grabiec, which failed to resolve their issues substantially, the protesting farmers made a statement outside the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. “We did what we could. Minister Grabiec met with us. We presented our three demands. Unfortunately, nothing concrete was offered, so we had to leave the meeting. We’ll see what the government proposes by March 7. Until then, we haven’t been offered anything; we won’t come down from the barricades, our protests will continue, and we will keep up the blockades. We must fight for our families, food security, and Polish agriculture,” declared Szczepan Wójcik, the protest’s organizer.

    The farmers’ demonstration highlights ongoing tensions between agricultural workers and the government, with the protesters emphasizing their readiness to continue their fight for recognition and substantive support.

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