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    Fernando Santos Returns to Poland

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    Former Poland coach Fernando Santos unexpectedly returns, sparking speculation about financial settlements and contract clauses. Details on his visit and potential reasons explored.

    In the event of Poland’s qualification for EURO 2024, Fernando Santos will receive approximately € 180,000 as a bonus for advancing through the playoffs!

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    Former Poland national football team coach, Fernando Santos, made a surprising return to the country, as reported by Santos’ brief tenure was marred by three losses in Euro 2024 qualifiers, leading to his departure. Despite labeling it a hasty decision, Santos expressed gratitude towards the team except for the Polish players.

    In an unexpected turn of events, Santos visited Krakow in November, meeting with team chef Tomasz Leśniak at his restaurant, Bistro Bene. The encounter was described as spontaneous, with Santos expressing appreciation for their collaboration during team gatherings. The visit may be linked to financial settlements, as Poland’s tax system is reportedly more favorable than Portugal’s. also highlighted a clause in Santos’ contract prohibiting negative comments about the Polish Football Association (PZPN) and his national team stint. Santos’ return raises questions about the intricacies behind his departure and potential financial matters left unresolved.

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