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    Fierce Hailstorm Strikes Gniezno: Poland Battled Severe Storms Yesterday

    Yesterday, a violent hailstorm swept through the Polish city of Gniezno, turning streets white with hailstones and triggering hundreds of emergency responses. The storm, which hit on Monday afternoon, brought with it torrential rain, leading to significant flooding across the city.

    Firefighters were called out numerous times to deal with flooded buildings, including residential homes, public facilities, a hospital, government offices, schools, a museum, and the police headquarters. Additionally, several roofs were torn off, and some individuals found themselves trapped in submerged vehicles.

    One such incident involved a woman who became trapped in her car due to the heavy rain.

    In response to the flooding, Gniezno’s municipal park has been closed to the public. Authorities warned that the flooded park pathways pose a danger to visitors. A similar advisory has been issued for local cemeteries, with administrators urging people to limit visits to essential trips only.

    Today, the city began assessing the damage, with the mayor appointing a special team to evaluate the extent of the losses.

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