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    Film Night at the Ministry of Culture: Stories of Lost Art

    Watch films about lost art at the Ministry of Culture on Museum Night, May 18, in Warsaw and nationwide.

    Experience an unforgettable evening at the courtyard of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MKiDN) in Warsaw during this year’s Museum Night. On Saturday, May 18, starting at 8:30 PM, watch four captivating films by Agnieszka Trzos, each narrating the extraordinary histories of art pieces lost from Polish museums during the war.

    The Screening Lineup

    The event kicks off at 8:15 PM, with film screenings starting at 8:30 PM. The first film, “Diana,” details the journey of the marble bust of the goddess Diana by Jean-Antoine Houdon. The bust, looted during the war, was recovered and returned to the Royal Łazienki Museum in 2015.

    Next, “Guitar” tells the story of a Picasso collage that vanished during WWII and remains missing. This screening is followed by a short intermission at 9:13 PM.

    More Stories of Lost Art

    Resuming at 9:30 PM, “Self-Portrait” explores the life of Jacek Malczewski, whose works were lost during the war. The final film, “Portrait of a Man,” recounts the recovery of a painting by Krzysztof Lubieniecki, returned to the National Museum in Warsaw in 2015 through international collaboration.

    Nationwide Screenings

    On May 18, these films will also be shown at 12 museums across Poland, offering a wider audience the chance to engage with these lost and recovered masterpieces. For detailed information, contact the respective museums.

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