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    Firefighters from Poland to wrap up rescue mission in Turkey on Wednesday

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    The Husar search and rescue team from Poland will be coming home this Wednesday after offering assistance in Turkey in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. They spent more than a week aiding the rescue operation.

    The team flew to Turkey on February 6, just hours after the strongest earthquake since 1939 hit Turkey and Syria, leaving tens of thousands dead.

    In the town of Besni, which has witnessed nearly 30 buildings collapse, the Husar team, comprising 76 firefighters and 8 rescue dogs, has been on hand to offer assistance. As a result of their efforts, they have been able to rescue 12 individuals.

    “Husar Poland’s mission is about to be concluded,” Andrzej Bartkowiak, commander-in-chief of the State Fire Service, tweeted on Monday.

    “The return of the Polish group to the country is scheduled for February 15, but we are still maintaining readiness,” Bartkowiak added.

    Originally, the team was to return to Poland on Monday, February 13.

    Official reports have revealed that the death toll from Sunday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake has surpassed 33,000. The United Nations is predicting that this number could be doubled.


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