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    First Lady discussed implemented projects for Ukrainians with the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia (KIK)

    On January 12, First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda hosted representatives of the Catholic Intelligentsia Club in the Presidential Palace. They discussed the ongoing projects for supporting Ukraine.

    The meeting at the Presidential Palace was attended by: Anita Szymborska, Director of the Department of Ukrainian Actions of the National Chamber of Commerce, and Barbara and Marek Kielanowski, coordinators of support for Ukrainian actions.

    Club of Catholic Intelligentsia is an organisation founded in 1956 grouping Catholic intellectuals with the aim to promote and develop active and mature responsibility for the society and the Church. The important role of the Club is also to provide proper education for youth, develop of artistic and cultural projects and necessary help for the poor and the ones in need. The members of the Club are very active supporting democratic changes in the Eastern Europe countries, especially in Ukraine and Belarus.

    The Catholic Intelligentsia Club in Warsaw was involved in helping from the very beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Members, volunteers and supporters of the club organize e.g. humanitarian transports, evacuations from the territory of Ukraine, took part in the construction of houses for Ukrainian internally displaced persons, and also provided children and mothers with therapy meetings in Poland.

    Such meetings are addressed to families whose members are in captivity or have been killed during warfare and aim to provide psychotherapeutic help in connection with the suffered trauma. For guests from Ukraine, it is also a time of rest from difficult everyday life.

    The representatives of the KIK stressed that in their current activities, they are particularly interested in long-term support for Ukrainian children and youth who remained in Poland.

    It is the guiding goal of, among others, the project addressed to young leaders from Poland and Ukraine, for whom integration trips are organized. In addition, the club intends to continue the implementation of camps and half camps for children and to train teaching staff.

    The Catholic Intelligentsia Club associates about 2,000 people.

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