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    First Lady Meets with Dr. Tomasz Rożek, Founder of “Science. I Like It” Foundation

    In a recent meeting, the First Lady of Poland engaged in a conversation with Dr. Tomasz Rożek, the visionary behind the “Science. I Like It” Foundation. Their discussion revolved around unconventional and engaging educational approaches designed to ignite curiosity in young minds and encourage the pursuit of scientific passions.

    The guest of Agata Kornhauser-Duda introduced the primary areas of the organization’s activities, with a primary goal of creatively popularizing science among children and teenagers.

    The foundation operates an educational channel on YouTube and a publishing house dedicated to topics such as astronomy, technology, and life on Earth. As the founders put it:

    “We aim to explain to both young and old how the world works. We want to show that scientific subjects are not always as difficult as they may seem at first glance, and we strive to present various scientific fields in an intriguing manner.”

    As part of their mission, the foundation provides grants to talented young scientists.

    One of the organization’s flagship projects is the “Academy of Superheroes,” which celebrates exceptional Polish scientists who have made significant contributions to global science. This initiative has resulted in a game and a book.

    Their offerings also include activities for the youngest learners, such as an educational video series titled “How Does the Human Body Work?” created in collaboration with the Medical University of Łódź. The series simplifies anatomy in a clear and straightforward manner, culminating in a fully animated version on the “Science. I Like It Junior” channel.

    Among their many intriguing initiatives is a tool for fact-checking fake news, a prevalent issue in today’s internet landscape. The materials on the “Science. I Verify It” platform debunk false information circulating online and explain phenomena in an accessible way.

    The “Science. I Like It” Foundation also produces educational materials and videos in foreign languages, including English and Ukrainian, which are available for free in digital formats.

    The President of the Foundation is a member of the jury for the “Young Promoter of Poland” competition under the Honorary Patronage of the First Lady of Poland. This competition is aimed at young Poles whose actions contribute to the promotion of knowledge about Poland and the positive image of the country worldwide.

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