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    First Lady of Poland Visits Military Contingents, Emphasizes Role of Women in the Armed Forces

    During a pre-Christmas visit to the Polish Military Contingent ORLIK–12 stationed at the Ämari Air Base in Estonia, Agata Kornhauser–Duda, the First Lady of Poland, engaged in discussions with women serving in the contingent. The talks, held in an open atmosphere, revolved around the role of women in the military, the areas of tasks undertaken, challenges faced by them in the Polish Armed Forces, and the personal motivation that led these women to choose a career in the military.

    Expressing satisfaction, the First Lady highlighted the increasing presence of women in the military, reaching almost ten percent, a trend that brings her joy. She commended the professionalism of women soldiers and acknowledged the various roles they perform in the Armed Forces, including positions such as section heads, navigators, and technicians operating advanced equipment.

    “When I first met women soldiers, they constituted only about five percent of the total number of soldiers. Today, it’s almost ten percent, and I am very pleased with this trend,” stated the First Lady.

    Agata Kornhauser–Duda expressed admiration for the professionalism of women soldiers and the roles they play in the Armed Forces. The meeting included women serving in positions such as section chiefs, navigators, and operators of highly advanced equipment.

    “I highly value this cooperation because each time I see that, in addition to professionalism, soldiers also demonstrate a high level of commitment to the tasks at hand,” emphasized the First Lady.

    The First Lady expressed hope for further strides in the development of women’s service in the Armed Forces, such as the appointment of the first woman to hold the rank of general or admiral. She conveyed Christmas wishes to all present, emphasizing satisfaction in task fulfillment and happiness in their personal lives.

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