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    First Lady Visits Aurora Museum in Shanghai

    The First Lady visited the Aurora Museum in Shanghai, which showcases ancient Chinese treasures of great historical significance. Officially opened in 2013, the museum serves as a bridge between the history and tradition of the People’s Republic of China and the present day. Its design features simplicity and solidity, contrasting with Shanghai’s sparkling skyscrapers.

    Educational and Cultural Insights

    Welcomed and guided by the museum director, the First Lady learned about the museum’s history and its educational mission. The Aurora Museum aims to provide visitors with a tangible connection to relics of the past, regularly hosting thematic and educational events.

    Diverse Exhibits

    The First Lady explored all four current exhibitions. The “Buddhist Sculptures” exhibit features sculptures dating back to the introduction of Buddhism in China. The “Blue and White Porcelain” display includes porcelain from the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, highlighting the evolution of Chinese porcelain.

    The “Ancient Jade” collection showcases jade objects up to 8,000 years old, reflecting the stone’s historical significance in rituals and decoration. Lastly, the “Ceramic Figurines” exhibit presents figures from the Han and Tang dynasties, depicting the daily life of ancient Chinese people.

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