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    First such strong voice in defence of Poland

    “I constantly hear blows aimed at Poland. I inform you that Poland is the country in the EU that is taking on the burden of hosting Ukrainian refugees, which is on the front line of the clash with Russia and which, according to NATO, could be the next victim of Russian expansion attempts,” Giorgia Meloni, the head of the new Italian government, declared in the Senate.

    “I do not believe, especially at this moment, in a kind of Europe in which there are the good guys and the others, the ugly and the bad, who are pushed out of the exclusive club,”

    Meloni said during a discussion ahead of Thursday’s EU summit.

    Meloni also asked: “What signal are we sending to Russia by saying that Poland is not our friend?” And then she appealed: “Let’s be careful what priorities we give ourselves.”

    “I think of Europe as a union of nations, with all the differences between West and East. Maybe we should take into account that Eastern European countries are not like those in the West because they were at the mercy of the Soviet Union for decades,”

    the Prime Minister stated.

    “Maybe it is worth helping them,” Meloni pointed out.

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