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    Former Polish Judge Tomasz Szmydt Faces Potential Life Sentence, Accused of Treason and Propaganda Activities

    Former judge Tomasz Szmydt, who fled Poland for Belarus on Monday, is now officially under suspicion, facing serious charges that could lead to a life sentence. The prosecutor’s office confirmed on Friday that charges had been formally presented to him, indicating his status as a suspect, according to Anna Adamiak, spokesperson for the Prosecutor General.

    Szmydt’s escape to Belarus coincides with his recent involvement in disinformation campaigns across social media platforms, where he announced plans to release a “secret document from Warsaw” today. Stanisław Żaryn, an advisor to the President of Poland, warned of Szmydt’s actions, describing them as a component of a hybrid war against Poland orchestrated by Russian interests.

    Legal proceedings against Szmydt progressed rapidly, with the prosecution indicating that they would soon request the court to issue an arrest warrant and initiate both national and international searches for him. This is due to Szmydt’s failure to appear for questioning, linked to his current concealment outside of Poland.

    Szmydt, who had served as a judge at the Voivodeship Administrative Court in Warsaw, appeared at a press conference in Minsk earlier this week, where he sought protection from Belarusian authorities. Following this, he was actively involved in broadcasting narratives favorable to Belarus and Russia, which, according to Adamiak, have been leveraged by these countries for propaganda purposes, undermining Poland’s independent foreign policy.

    The seriousness of the charges is compounded by allegations of Szmydt participating in activities detrimental to the Polish state, violating articles of the Polish Penal Code that prescribe stringent penalties for public officials engaging in espionage or acts against the state. His actions have resulted in the stripping of his judicial immunity, allowing for his immediate detention and potential life imprisonment if convicted.

    This case unfolds as Szmydt continues to pledge more disclosures, with the political and legal ramifications continuing to reverberate through Polish and international media.

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