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    Former Vice President of Russian Interfax Honored by Medvedev Appointed as TVP World’s New Director

    Michał Broniatowski has been named the new director of TVP World, set to take the helm in March, according to unofficial reports from Wirtualne Media. This announcement comes as TVP World, the international branch of the Polish public broadcaster, prepares to relaunch its broadcasting, expected as soon as Monday, March 4th. Broniatowski, known for his controversial “instruction” on how to organize a “Maidan in Poland” in 2016, steps into the role previously held briefly by Jerzy Kamiński, who had replaced Filip Styczyński at the beginning of February.

    Broniatowski’s media career spans several decades and countries, beginning in 1979 with Telewizja Polska (Polish Television) and later working with Reuters as a correspondent in Poland, eventually becoming the director of Reuters’ Polish branch and then its representation in Russia and the former USSR. His career also includes significant roles within the ITI Group, the Onet Group, and the Russian news agency Interfax, where he focused on international operations. Broniatowski has also been involved in television, co-creating the Ukrainian news channel Espreso TV, and served as the editor-in-chief of the Polish edition of Forbes magazine.

    His most controversial moment came in 2016 when he published an “instruction” detailing how to initiate a “Maidan in Poland,” referencing the Ukrainian Maidan protests that demanded closer ties with the EU and resulted in numerous casualties. This guide, aimed at destabilizing the state, included suggestions such as occupying public buildings, echoing tactics used during the Ukrainian revolution.

    Broniatowski’s appointment raises questions about the future direction of TVP World and its coverage, given his diverse and sometimes contentious background in the media industry.

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