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    Fox Bites Tourists in Bieszczady National Park

    Recent incidents in Bieszczady National Park have prompted authorities to issue a stark warning to tourists regarding interactions with foxes. Two tourists were bitten by foxes near Orłowicz Pass, a popular hiking area known for its scenic beauty and intersection of several trekking paths, including the famed Main Beskid Trail.

    The park authorities have released a statement via their Facebook page, urging visitors not to feed wild animals they encounter, specifically foxes. According to the statement, the increasing boldness of these animals, which have grown accustomed to human presence and feeding, poses a significant danger. Foxes can carry diseases such as rabies, making close interactions particularly risky.

    The phenomenon of synanthropic foxes—those that have lost their natural fear of humans due to prolonged exposure and feeding—was highlighted as a concern. These animals are more likely to approach people, potentially leading to dangerous encounters.

    Park officials are also calling on parents and guardians to ensure that children keep a safe distance from all wildlife and refrain from feeding them. In case of any bites, immediate medical attention is advised.

    Be aware that there is a delicate balance between wildlife and human visitors in Poland’s mountainous regions, from the Bieszczady to the Karkonosze. Visitors are encouraged to observe wildlife from a distance and adhere strictly to park guidelines to ensure safety for all.

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