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    Fracht FWO Polska Opens New Office in Gdańsk to Boost Container Business

    Fracht FWO Polska, a key player in the logistics industry and part of the global Fracht Group, has unveiled its latest expansion initiative with the opening of a new office in Gdańsk. The office, led by seasoned professional Arkadiusz Torbicki, marks a strategic effort to bolster the company’s operations in the container shipping sector.

    The decision to establish a presence in Gdańsk underscores Fracht FWO Polska’s commitment to adapting to market dynamics and tapping into the growing importance of the Tri-City ports. With a robust presence already in major global hubs such as Shanghai, Singapore, and Hamburg, among others, the move to Gdańsk positions Fracht FWO Polska strategically to capitalize on the rising volume of shipments to Poland and the thriving container business.

    Located in the prestigious Wave building, the Gdańsk office is led by Arkadiusz Torbicki, whose extensive background in container shipping and port logistics makes him well-suited to steer this new venture. Andrzej Bułka, CEO of Fracht FWO Polska, emphasized Torbicki’s qualifications and vision as pivotal in the decision-making process, highlighting the strategic importance of strong leadership in expanding their footprint in the Tri-City area.

    Looking ahead, Fracht FWO Polska plans to expand its team in Gdańsk, seeking individuals passionate about contributing to the office’s multidimensional focus encompassing container shipping, break-bulk operations, oversized cargo, and road transport of containerized goods. This expansion not only reinforces Fracht FWO Polska’s leadership in Poland’s specialized transportation sector but also strengthens its integration into the global logistics network of the Fracht Group.

    Arkadiusz Torbicki affirmed the company’s commitment to establishing a robust coastal presence supported by the extensive resources and expertise of the Fracht Group. With these strategic moves, Fracht FWO Polska sets its sights on further enhancing its service offerings and market position in the evolving logistics landscape of Gdańsk and beyond.

    About Fracht FWO Polska Sp. z o.o.

    Fracht FWO Polska Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of the Swiss-based Fracht Group, has been operating in Poland since 2006. With headquarters in Warsaw and branches in Poznań, Katowice, Wrocław, and Szczecin, the company provides comprehensive logistics services for various industries. These services range from basic road transport to complex logistics projects, such as delivering equipment for energy plants. Certified under ISO9001:2015 and WSK for military and strategic goods transport, Fracht FWO Polska serves clients in the energy, heavy industry, chemical, automotive, FMCG, and pharmaceutical sectors, ensuring delivery to all corners of the globe through the Fracht Group’s extensive network.

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