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    Fuel Discounts and Electric Vehicle Charging Promotions at Orlen Stations

    Orlen, a major Polish oil company, announced exciting promotions for its loyalty program members. From Friday until the end of the May long weekend, Orlen Vitay participants can enjoy discounted fuel prices. Existing members receive a 30 groszy per liter discount, while holders of the Large Family Card get an even better deal at 40 groszy off per liter.

    How to Avail the Discounts

    To benefit from these discounts, customers need to be registered in the Orlen Vitay app or possess a physical Vitay card. Newcomers can join the promotion by registering on the app. Each participant automatically receives a 30 groszy discount per liter of fuel. Additionally, those with the Large Family Card receive an extra 10 groszy discount, totaling 40 groszy per liter saved during the promotion.

    The promotions extend beyond traditional fuel customers to include electric vehicle (EV) owners. Starting May 1st, EV drivers using the Orlen Charge app can enjoy a 10% discount on charging at Orlen stations and Energa charging points until May 5th.

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