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    Funzeum: Where Imagination Takes Flight in a Wonderland of Color, Light, and Play!

    Looking for an enchanting escape? Funzeum in Gliwice is no ordinary museum. Crafted by the minds behind “Prezentmarzeń” and “Magiczne Ogrody,” this entertainment hub is a whimsical fusion of color, light, and technology, inspired by Tokyo’s TeamLab Borderless.

    Nestled in Gliwice’s “Europa Centralna” shopping center (Silesian Voivodeship), Funzeum sprawls over 4,000 sqm, boasting 90+ interactive installations. It’s a playground for your imagination, turning a typical visit into a thrilling journey.

    Funtasy World Awaits!

    Step into a realm of “funtasy,” where over 90 installations spark your creativity. With 4,000 sqm to explore, Funzeum is your canvas. Unleash your imagination, spend hours captivated, and create memories.

    Must-See Exhibitions:

    • Colorful Journey: Immerse yourself in the rainbow’s prism, engaging with 32+ artistic installations, a canvas for your creativity.
    • Light Exploration: From mirrors to kaleidoscopes, discover light in new ways in this mesmerizing exhibition.

    Attractions for All Ages

    Funzeum welcomes everyone from 2 to 102. Experience a fluorescent forest, infinity room, crystal chamber, and a colossal 12-meter floor piano. Don’t miss the interactive aquarium, where you can bring your colored fish to life.

    Covering 4,000 sqm, the installations promise hours of exploration. Ticket prices include access to all attractions, and Funcafe inside ensures you can recharge without leaving the venue.

    Funzeum isn’t just a museum; it’s a celebration of imagination and creativity. Plan your visit for a funtastic experience like no other!

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