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    Gaz-System’s Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor Enters EU’s Priority List

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    In a recent announcement, Gaz-System included the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor project in the European Commission’s Projects of Common Interest (PCI) list. The initiative aims to establish an integrated European hydrogen infrastructure, focusing on harnessing renewable hydrogen potential in the Baltic region.

    PCI Status: A Milestone for the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor

    The Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor, spanning six countries, secured a spot on the PCI list, signaling a significant step toward achieving energy transformation objectives. The project involves constructing a pipeline system to transport hydrogen from Finland through the Baltic states to Poland and Germany.

    The Polish government fully supports the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor, emphasizing its role in enhancing Poland’s energy independence amid future energy transitions. The proposed infrastructure aligns with the nation’s plans for domestic zero-emission hydrogen production and its distribution across Europe.

    Gaz-System Advocates for Energy Integration

    Gaz-System actively participated in the PCI Energy Days conference organized by the European Commission. The company presented PCI-Baltic Pipe and connectivity projects with Lithuania and Slovakia, aiming to integrate energy transmission systems across European nations.

    Gaz-System’s CEO, Marcin Chludziński, highlighted the company’s ongoing efforts to prioritize crucial investments for Poland within the EU. The PCI recognition underscores the significance of projects contributing to European energy and climate policies.

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