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    Gdynia Tests Hydrogen-Powered Buses for a Sustainable Future

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    Gdynia, a coastal gem in Poland, is embracing sustainability with a test drive of a Caetano hydrogen-powered bus fueled by Messer hydrogen, scheduled for September 4th and 5th. This eco-friendly vehicle isn’t just an engineering marvel; it’s also an educational opportunity for local students to explore.

    Gdynia’s hilly terrain poses a unique challenge for this hydrogen bus, but it’s a crucial step in fulfilling the city’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. With an impressive range of over 400 kilometers, hydrogen buses are touted as the future of public transportation in Poland.

    Infrastructure and Future Plans

    The primary hurdle remains the lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure, but Gdynia plans to establish a refueling station at Kacze Buky by year-end. Once this infrastructure is in place, the city can seriously consider incorporating hydrogen-powered vehicles into its public transportation fleet.

    Beyond procurement, Gdynia is committed to balancing the costs of purchasing and operating hydrogen buses while ensuring a sustainable future.

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