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    General Józef Haller was born 150 years ago

    Learn more about the life and legacy of General Józef Haller, a symbol of Polish independence and sacrifice. Discover his role in preserving Poland’s sovereignty, leading the Volunteer Army, and his contributions to the nation’s history.

    Inspirational to artists, General Józef Haller’s deeds were not only captured by the stroke of a brush, but he also became the subject of numerous songs and poems. “To the victors – Haller’s song/Will play with a free life!” wrote Artur Oppman, or as put in another verse: “Haller leads us, liberates Poland.” Meanwhile, on Stanisław Sawiczewski’s most famous poster “Join the army. Defend the Homeland,” Gen. Józef Haller called for enlistment in the Volunteer Army. He stood at its helm in a dramatic moment, in the summer of 1920, when the fate not only of Poland but also of the Latin civilization threatened by Bolshevik hordes hung in the balance. It was then that we managed to preserve the freshly regained independence, and the role of the hero of this album in its recovery and preservation is invaluable. Unfortunately, only specialists and history enthusiasts can truly appreciate his contributions. This presented album – a joint work of the Institute of National Remembrance and the Military Historical Bureau named after Gen. Kazimierz Sosnkowski – aims to change this state of affairs and restore the rightful place of the blue-clad general in Polish history.

    The figure of General Józef Haller, one of the fathers of our independence, is remembered at a special moment – the centenary of the initiation of the armed action of the American Polonia and the establishment of the Polish Army in France, inspired by Roman Dmowski. Haller became its commander and thus the supreme leader of the Polish Army, recognized by the Allies. We hope that this publication, which we place in your hands, will be an important step towards restoring the proper place in our collective memory for the person who nearly a century ago became a symbol of dreams of an Independent Poland and the hope of returning to the homeland.

    Józef Haller is not just the legendary Blue Army, the return of the Eastern Borderlands, the historic marriage to the Baltic, or the Volunteer Army in 1920, but a whole life dedicated to Poland. It’s also his parliamentary service in the Second Polish Republic, supporting its reconstruction, and his activities in exile after 1939, reflecting Haller’s Christian dimension.

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