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    German Ambassador Urges Holocaust Remembrance; Mularczyk’s Rebuttal Highlights Unsettled Reparations

    In a poignant move on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, German Ambassador to Poland, Viktor Elbling, took to social media to emphasize the importance of remembering the atrocities of World War II. His heartfelt message, however, sparked a robust response from Arkadiusz Mularczyk, a prominent member of Poland’s Law and Justice party (PiS) and co-author of a report on wartime losses.

    Ambassador Elbling, known for his expressive approach, especially on social media, underscored the gravity of the Holocaust on this solemn day. In his statement, he declared, “We do not want and cannot forget what happened during World War II. ‘Never again’ is happening now,” drawing parallels to contemporary events in the Middle East and Western Europe.

    However, Mularczyk wasted no time in directing the conversation towards a lingering issue – reparations. While acknowledging Elbling’s commendable sentiments, the PiS member raised the unresolved matter of reparations for Poland. Mularczyk, a former deputy foreign minister with responsibilities related to war reparations, pressed the need for acknowledgement and compensation.

    “The words of the German Ambassador are commendable, but the question of reparations for Poland remains unanswered,” remarked Mularczyk. He underlined that the memories of the German occupation during World War II are still vivid in Poland, and the nation patiently awaits a resolution regarding reparations for the substantial losses incurred due to German aggression and occupation.

    “Mr. German Ambassador, we do not forget, but we are still waiting for compensation from Germany for the damages inflicted on Poland during WWII,” emphasized Mularczyk in his response, accompanied by the hashtag @PLreparations.

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