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    Golden Algae Blooms Persist in the Oder River

    Persistent golden algae blooms in the Oder River prompt extensive monitoring and collaborative efforts to develop long-term environmental solutions.

    The highest concentrations of “golden algae” in the Oder River are currently found in Bytom Odrzański, Słubice, and Widuchowa, with a significant decline in the river’s main current.

    The golden algae blooms pose a threat not only to the river’s main current but also to marinas, channels, oxbows, and connected reservoirs. Automated monitoring has expanded from 9 to 30 points on the Oder and Gliwice Canal.

    The Ministry highlighted that lower river flows in May and June 2024 have created conditions similar to those in 2022, when an ecological disaster occurred.

    Experts warn that the threat of toxic blooms will continue in future spring and summer seasons. The Interdepartmental Team for Crisis Situations and Environmental Threats on the Oder is analyzing the situation to develop systemic actions, including reducing river salinity and desalinating mining waters.

    Among the proposed measures is the construction of infrastructure for desalinating mine waters. The Ministry is advocating for the inclusion of these projects in the revised Oder special act. Mining company KGHM plans to invest 1 billion PLN in a desalination system, with an investment decision expected this year.

    The Ministry is working closely with Germany and the Czech Republic to address this issue.

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