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    Government Denies Accusations of Document Destruction Amid Transition

    In response to mounting speculations raised by the opposition, the government spokesperson has firmly rejected claims that outgoing ruling party officials are engaged in the destruction of official documents in anticipation of the imminent formation of a new government.

    Piotr Mueller, the Polish government spokesperson, addressed the allegations made by opposition figures concerning document destruction within government institutions. Speaking on public radio last Friday, Mueller was unequivocal in his denial, asserting, “Every document, especially classified ones, is meticulously recorded. Erasing them is far from a simple task, as some opposition members might have seen in movies.”

    Poland is currently navigating a period of political transition, with the opposition securing a majority of seats in the parliament following the general elections on October 15. The nation now awaits the formation of a new government, and this changing of the guard has prompted a series of concerns from politicians hailing from opposing parties about the transfer of power after eight years of the conservative United Right coalition’s rule.

    Krzysztof Gawkowski, a politician affiliated with the New Left, claimed on the private RMF FM radio station last Thursday, “A questionable practice of document destruction has been initiated within the Ministry of Defence and the military. Reports have also surfaced about archives being purged at the Ministry of Justice, with items seemingly being transferred from regional prosecutor’s offices to the National Prosecutor’s Office.”

    Mueller, however, refuted these claims with conviction, stating, “Each document is uniquely identified and cannot be simply erased, contrary to what these individuals allege.”

    “These allegations appear to be rooted in fictional depictions,” he continued. “Official documents are stored in a variety of secure repositories. This holds true for electronic documents within the ministries, which are diligently catalogued in the EZD, an electronic documentation management system, as well as other electronic systems.”

    Mueller emphasized, “A comprehensive record of every created document, along with its contents, is maintained. Such actions are simply not occurring.”


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