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    Green Energy Revolution in Lubin: Municipality Embraces Sustainable Partnership with e2V

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    Driving towards a greener and more sustainable future, the Lubin municipality has initiated a strategic collaboration with Ekovoltis, a leading provider of renewable electrical energy. Under this landmark agreement, 106 GWh of electricity from renewable sources will be supplied to communal infrastructure, including healthcare facilities, nurseries, schools, government offices, and volunteer fire departments. This move ensures residents have access to essential services in an environmentally conscious and modern way.

    Piotr Ostaszewski, CEO of Ekovoltis, emphasizes the strategic significance of the agreement: “Green energy not only safeguards the environment but also represents innovation and the future of our economy. Our partnership with the Lubin municipality demonstrates how local initiatives can contribute to global changes—a strategic move towards enhancing Lubin’s competitiveness, attracting new investors, and gaining societal recognition.”

    The contract for the delivery of 106 GWh of energy is part of a purchasing group organized by the Lubin municipality, emphasizing its role as a community-supportive initiative. This mirrors the contemporary trend where combining environmental concern with advanced technological solutions is pivotal for the development of responsible societies.

    About e2V:

    e2V, a brand under Ekovoltis, is part of the MS Galleon GmbH capital group owned by Michał Sołowow. e2V enables companies to harness green energy without the need for individual investments in their energy sources. The group includes companies such as Cersanit SA, Barlinek SA, Synthos SA, and energy-related firms like Synthos Green Energy SA and Corab SA.

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