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    Grochmalski: Madmen from Civic Platform are once again destroying the Polish army. Poland halted on the road to military power

    A strong, 300,000-strong army, supported by 50,000 Territorial Defense Forces, equipped with the most modern equipment, made us a European power. The armed forces built by the United Right were supposed to guarantee not only Poland’s security but also its freedom in an increasingly unstable world. Civic Platform, shamelessly and blatantly supported by Germany, has arguably committed the biggest fraud since 1918, the year of our statehood. It convinced people that by voting for them, they were voting for freedom. However, it was precisely the opposite – these votes were cast to take away freedom and sovereign statehood from the Polish people and Poland, reducing us to a neo-colonial, German project equipped with a weak, rickety army, writes Piotr Grochmalski in “Gazeta Polska.”

    A new government has not even been formed yet, and already Tomasz Siemoniak, former Minister of National Defense in Donald Tusk’s government, argues, “Poland does not have the demographic potential to build a 300,000-strong army.” If these words came from Olaf Scholz or Vladimir Putin, they would be fully understandable. They would certainly do a lot to weaken the potential of the Polish army. But these words were uttered by a Polish politician, then perceived as a potential candidate for the position of defense minister. And we are talking about an issue fundamental to our security. It is terrifying that the main opposition party has such specialists who, right from the start, send a signal to Moscow and Berlin that we will be weaker. So, we will not be able to effectively deter Moscow. Worse – we are almost encouraging aggression. We are returning to the nightmare implemented years ago by Bogdan Klich and Tomasz Siemoniak as part of Donald Tusk’s government. Even a war at our borders did not penetrate the ignorance of these people. They continue to treat the nation’s security with disdain. They did not present any vision or program regarding the Polish army during the election campaign. It was beyond their intellectual capabilities. But it would also reveal that they will do whatever Berlin agrees to. In this context, it is not surprising that the German-Swiss portal Onet is supposed to be the key source of information about what Tusk has in mind. The portal, through the pen of Andrzej Stankiewicz, an investigative journalist distinguished in revealing alleged enemies of the eternal German-Polish friendship, sensationally announced that it is not Siemoniak but Adam Szłapka who will be Civic Platform’s candidate for the defense minister (another journalistic-like “product” from the Axel Springer stable, Tomasz Bonek, after a sensational investigation, supposedly “discovered” that Germans did not turn people into soap, thus allegedly demythologizing Zofia Nałkowska’s “Medallions.” It is already known from which environment the diligent “investigative journalist” will emerge, who will discover that concentration camps in Nazi Germany were also a myth. If it were not for the scale of the threats facing Poland, the immaturity of Civic Platform regarding the country’s security could be seen as an incurable manifestation of the party’s chronic inability to understand Poland’s raison d’état. But their incurable madness today constitutes a mortal threat to our national existence.

    According to the same Andrzej Stankiewicz from Onet, supposedly, Barbara Nowacka is to become the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The same person who, in the election spot of the Palikot Movement in 2014, when asked by Palikot about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine at that time, proposed, “Investing in the army won’t help. There will only be more victims.” Continuing that thought, she added, “If we need an army, it should be a joint European one.” In other words, if there is no other way, we need to build a European Bundeswehr that will defend us against Putin. And Palikot, Tusk’s favorite toy, summed up this entire infantile discourse, which was supposed to garner votes for these politicians from the Polish people, as follows: “Euro in the country, euro instead of the anti-missile shield. Then, an attack on Poland is an attack on the whole of Europe.

    These people, however, are not meant to run a bar or a cabaret…

    German Deception

    Berlin spent fortunes to gain control over Warsaw. It was the longest war fought within the EU against another state since the reunification of Germany. Germany viewed Poland as the most significant obstacle to realizing its idea of a vast, German space. With shocking determination, Merkel and Scholz over the years created a new type of informational aggression against Poland. Their anger was all the more intense because the political diagnoses of the United Right turned out to be correct, exposing the dramatic price Europe pays for Berlin’s chronic, cosmic mistakes. As soon as it was deemed that after the October 15 elections, Poland was pacified, Germany accelerated the process, which according to Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, is meant to lead to “radical centralization of the EU, transforming it de facto into a centralized oligarchic European superstate evading democratic control.” In other words, as a national community, we are supposed to be deprived of freedom and sovereignty. This outstanding global expert on European Union issues warns that solutions aggressively pushed by Berlin will transform Europe into a German superstate. Thus, Bismarck’s and Hitler’s dream of Pan-Germanism will come true. As Saryusz-Wolski points out: “This is dangerous because it radically changes the EU’s system, turning it into a superstate, and reduces member countries to the roles of regions, states, or provinces, stripping them of their competencies and granting new, immense competencies to the European Union, including eliminating the veto right in all cases except for voting on the admission of new members.”

    All of this is happening in the shadow of the Ukrainian war, which Berlin exploits as a pressure tactic on resistant states to drastically accelerate the centralization of the EU. The emerging overall picture reveals why Germany was so afraid of Warsaw’s growing strength under the United Right’s rule. Almost the entire world praised Poland for creating the strongest land army among European NATO members. Only the Russians and Germans were frustrated by the shift of the continent’s gravity toward Warsaw. We became a strategic ally of the USA. And now, German influence reaches for power in Poland. All key decisions regarding our homeland will henceforth be made in Berlin. Tusk’s task is to swiftly implement the German plan for Poland and pacify the nation’s independence core. German victory in Poland has also given a strong impetus to the brutalization of the process of Germanizing the EU structure. Germany feels powerful again and is beginning to succumb to imperial frenzy. We are to be pacified so that our national ambitions never revive within us. Therefore, the directives from Berlin for Tusk’s group are clear – radically and decisively cut down the implemented plan to build a strong army. Poles – no dreams!

    From Power to the Status of a German Colony

    It’s hard to imagine a more deadly and insane policy towards a country that – except for Lukashenko’s Belarus – shares a border with the criminal Russia and the Ukraine attacked by it. The large-scale conflict unfolding at our borders is the biggest threat to the Republic of Poland since the end of World War II. But not for Berlin, where feverish efforts are underway to create grand projects for a new geopolitical map of Europe, downgrading Warsaw to a local state governed by a loyal comprador team. Germany is in a frenzy. They have Poland on a platter. And Tusk behaves like a preschooler in a sandbox. Facts about his alignment with imperial Russia are resurfacing, back when President Lech Kaczyński warned against such insane politics. In Tbilisi, after the aggression against Georgia in 2008, he was right when he warned: “We also know very well that today it’s Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine, the day after tomorrow the Baltic States, and then maybe it’s my country’s turn, Poland!” For Berlin, Kaczyński was too independent. He complicated the Merkel-Putin axis. Directives at that time for Tusk, praised for his exceptional pro-German stance, were clear. The ruthless destruction of President Kaczyński began, supported by German and Russian media. The result was Smolensk, the biggest tragedy since the Katyn massacre. Due to Russian intrigue, the entire command of the Polish armed forces and the elite of the Republic of Poland were murdered. Kremlin deepened the rift with this murder that Tusk began creating after coming to power in 2008, organizing hate campaigns against the president. Before the current elections, he wrote about himself: “When I walk down the street, I sometimes think that maybe every fifth person I pass believes that perhaps I, together with Putin, killed the president.” But this is just a semblance of conscience. What’s important is that President Lech Kaczyński was right in warning against Russia, not Donald Tusk, who deeply aligned himself with Putin and disarmed the Polish army. Nothing has changed. And this time, Tusk is playing with the lives of millions of Poles. He spits in the face of those generations that paid with a sea of blood for the existence of independent Poland.

    What will be destroyed this time?

    Even before Russia attacked Ukraine, the United Right government rebuilt the state of the Polish army to the level of 4 divisions. The Brzeska Gate was closed by the 18th Mechanized Division. But to effectively stop Russia at our borders, we need 6 divisions – a total of 300,000, plus 50,000 Territorial Defense Forces. The 1st Legion Infantry Division is being established at an astonishing pace. Certainly, the insane ideas and idiocies of the new team will cause a slowdown or deletion of this project. Civic Platform pretends to be a modern team capable of professional politics, but in reality, they left behind a paper state. The measure of PiS’s ambition was to build not only the largest land army among European NATO members but also to create ultra-modern armed forces. The Technical Modernization Plan for the army until 2035 included equipment purchases totaling 524 billion Polish zlotys. It was also a powerful driving force for the Polish economy and the defense industry, as well as a guarantee of acquiring modern technologies, including AI and robotics. This is beyond the imagination of people from Civic Platform. Let me remind you of the competence show in the spirit of Tusk presented by Ewa Kopacz, anointed by him as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. When asked by a journalist during the formation of the government about security issues, she said: “You know, I am a woman. I imagine what I would do if suddenly on the street there appeared a man waving a sharp tool or holding a pistol. My first thought: there, behind my back, is my home and there are my children. So, I rush into the house, close the doors, and take care of my own children.” Tusk never intellectually challenged himself. I couldn’t find any document written by this history master that even hinted at thinking about Poland’s security or a vision for building our armed forces. I found nothing that would give even a glimmer of hope that this man has the elementary understanding of geopolitics, geostrategy, or Poland’s raison d’état.

    What army will they destroy

    The process of building the armed forces will undoubtedly be halted when four divisions have already been fully restored, and the creation of the 1st Polish Legion Division is underway. Berlin will not accept its completion. It is almost certain that the planned sixth division will remain only on paper. Civic Platform will want to divert the huge funds allocated for the army’s modernization into solutions indicated by Germany. Drastic reductions will also be made in the purchases of modern equipment, for which €110.3 billion was allocated until 2035. This money, pumped into the “German-Polish friendship,” will allow for gaining lifelong gratitude from thousands of businessmen from across the Oder, but will also attract our domestic comprador elites under the Platform’s wing. Let’s remember that as part of the grand modernization program, Poland was to have a thousand Korean K2 tanks (including the first batch of 180 machines by 2025), as well as 250 modern American Abrams M1A2 Sepv3 and 116 used M1A1FEP tanks. This powerful armored fist was to be supported and covered by 96 AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters. After the USA, it would be the world’s largest fleet of these deadly machines. The Ukrainian war revealed the power of the M-142 Himars rocket launchers. Poland obtained approval from the USA to purchase a total of over 508 of these systems. This is more than the United States has produced so far. Those that reach us by the end of the year will go to the 16th Mechanized Division. Additionally, we have entered into agreements to acquire 288 multi-level K 239 Chunmoo rocket launchers with missiles capable of striking at a distance of up to 290 km. Almost 800 of the world’s most modern rocket systems were to defend Polish borders. It would be potential placing us among the world’s, not just Europe’s, biggest military powers. All these rocket launchers were to be integrated with the Polish TOPAZ battle management system and mounted on Polish Jelcz chassis. A modern anti-access system was also being built to defend Poland against missile or aerial attacks. Its element, created based on American technology under the System Integration Checkout, is the Wisła program. Poland, as a unique ally of the USA, was to receive a total of 48 Patriot launchers in the most advanced version, equipped with the LTAMDS radar, which simultaneously entered service with the US Army. The Wisła system was to be integrated with the Narew and Pilica anti-missile systems, creating one modern protective umbrella defending the sky over Poland. As part of the Narew project, the Polish army was to have 23 short-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense batteries, with a total of 400 launchers. The Ukrainian conflict also showed the immense value of Polish Krab self-propelled howitzers. The United Right government ordered 96 such artillery systems from Huta Stalowa Wola, supplemented by 64 sets of automatic RAK mortars. Additionally, we ordered 672 self-propelled K9 howitzers in a Polish version from the Korean conglomerate Hanwha Defense. This gave an impressive ability to strike by the Polish army. At the moment, based on this equipment, the 1st Masurian Artillery Brigade is being formed. The target 6 divisions are also to be equipped with 1,400 ultra-modern, Polish infantry fighting vehicles, being developed by the Polish defense industry.

    As part of the HARPIA program, Poland has acquired 32 state-of-the-art American F-35 aircraft, as well as 48 Korean F-50 planes. There were considerations for purchasing additional F-16 or F-15EX jets. In July 2022, the United Right government signed a contract for the construction of three Miecznik-class frigates, a decision crucial for the rebuilding of the potential of the Polish Navy. Poland also purchased two modern Pléiades Neo observation satellites with a complete ground system from France, enabling independent reconnaissance capabilities over any area. All these projects led Western media to recognize Poland as a powerful European player. Even the Politico portal owned by Axel Springer expressed concern in November 2022, stating that Poland was becoming an “upcoming European military superpower.” The whole world witnessed how Germany deserted in the face of the threat from Russia. Honor and security in the West were defended by Poland in alliance with the USA. Therefore, terrified by our rising strength, Berlin must pacify Poland once again, as Zbigniew Grabowski prophetically wrote in 1967:

    “Germany continues to be a special case in Europe, a country that we must constantly observe closely.”


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