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    Hanna Mazur Secures Bronze in Youth Winter Olympics Speed Skating Event

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    Polish speed skater Hanna Mazur clinched the bronze medal in the 1500-meter race at the Youth Winter Olympics. The event witnessed Dutch skater Angel Daleman seizing gold with a remarkable time of 2:02.90, while Chinese athlete Yunqi Liu secured silver in 2:03.29.

    Clocking in at 2:05.13, Mazur expressed astonishment at her unexpected triumph. She had initially considered the 1500 meters as her last chance for a medal, with greater hopes pinned on the mass start race. Reflecting on her win, Mazur shared her disbelief in standing on the podium alongside her idol, Daleman.

    This marks Poland’s third medal at the Youth Winter Olympics, following ski jumper Łukasz Łukaszczyk’s bronze and Anna Falkowska’s gold in short track.

    Medal Surprise for Mazur at Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympics

    Polish speed skater Hanna Mazur defied expectations, securing a bronze medal in the 1500-meter race at Gangwon 2024. Mazur, initially eyeing the mass start for victory, expressed disbelief in sharing the podium with her idol, gold medalist Angel Daleman. The unexpected triumph adds to Poland’s medal tally, with ski jumper Łukasz Łukaszczyk and short track athlete Anna Falkowska claiming earlier honors.

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