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    Hawks Fall Short in World Tennis League Showdown

    In a thrilling face-off between the Hawks led by Świątek and Hurkacz and the Eagles at the World Tennis League in Abu Dhabi, the Polish duo secured a convincing 6-2 win against Andreyeva and Rublev. However, the Eagles claimed an overall 31-28 victory.

    Świątek and Hurkacz dominated the opening match, triumphing 6-2 against their Russian opponents. In the subsequent game, partnering with Garcia, they faced a neck-and-neck battle against Kenin and Andreyeva, losing 6-4.

    Hurkacz, with Ruud, initially surged but fell short against Medvedev and Rublev, losing 7-6 (7-1). The Hawks briefly led 16-15 after three matches but lost momentum when Garcia succumbed to Kenin 5-7.

    The spotlight fell on Hurkacz and Medvedev’s intense duel, with Hurkacz edging a 7-6 (7-4) win, leading to a tiebreak. In the final showdown, Medvedev claimed victory at 10-4.

    Their next challenge against the Kites awaits on December 23 as they strive to climb the rankings, hoping to bounce back in the tournament.

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