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    Heartfelt Farewell to Fallen Soldier Mateusz Sitek during Funeral

    The funeral of Mateusz Sitek, a soldier from the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade who succumbed to his injuries following a stabbing attack at the Polish-Belarusian border, was held today. The solemn ceremony took place in his hometown, attended by high-ranking officials and military leaders.

    Among those present were President Andrzej Duda, Vice Premier and Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, and senior military commanders. The funeral mass, led by Bishop Wiesław Lechowicz, resonated with a powerful message: “May Mateusz’s sacrifice inspire us to faithfully serve our nation’s security, peace, freedom, and sovereignty.”

    President Duda emphasized the profound sacrifice Mateusz made, stating, “Here lies a Polish soldier, a defender of the Homeland. He gave his life for our country, knowing the risks and never faltering in his duty. He is an embodiment of valor and commitment.”

    The most moving words of the day came from Mateusz’s mother, Emilia Sitek. Her emotional eulogy captured the essence of her son’s dedication and the void his passing has left. She spoke of Mateusz’s unwavering dream to serve in the military, his pride in wearing the uniform, and his unyielding spirit.

    “Life is a fleeting breath, yet it is a gift from God,” Emilia began, reflecting on the brevity and preciousness of life. She shared how Mateusz’s ambition and courage drove him to achieve his dream of joining the Polish Army, specifically aspiring to join elite units like GROM and Formoza.

    Her poignant address continued, “We do not cry, we do not look down. Mateusz would not have wanted that. He had the heart of a soldier. We look up with faith.”

    She called for prayers for the Polish military, underscoring their crucial role in defending the nation. Expressing profound gratitude for the support her family received, Emilia extended special thanks to key military figures and units who stood by them during their darkest hours.

    In closing, she urged for wisdom and responsibility from the nation’s leaders, hoping that no mother would have to mourn her child again, and that every soldier could return safely home. “Mateusz left a legacy for every Pole: to care for an independent and secure homeland. Wait for us, our son. When God decides, we will be together again.”

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