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    High Prices at Poznań Christmas Markets Prompt Locals to Bring Their Own Treats

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    Poznań’s Christmas markets are under scrutiny as locals share “receipts of horror” online, revealing exorbitant prices. Three kebabs priced at approximately $40 and a slice of “deluxe” bread for $7 have stirred controversy. When questioned about the steep costs, Mayor Jacek Jaśkowiak suggested attendees bring their own mulled wine or sandwiches.

    Festive Markets in Poznań

    This year’s Christmas markets in Poznań, held in two locations since last week, have drawn attention due to what residents dub “receipts of horror” circulating on social media.

    Eye-watering Prices and Public Reaction

    Reports highlight instances like three kebabs costing around $40 and a single slice of “full deluxe” bread priced at $7. Locals have taken to social media to express their astonishment and frustration.

    Mayor’s Response

    In response to inquiries about the high prices, Mayor Jacek Jaśkowiak encouraged attendees to bring their own mulled wine or sandwiches. He noted that being frugal is important, emphasizing personal responsibility.

    Balancing Costs and Experience

    Jaśkowiak acknowledged that prices could be lower, but he explained that reducing them would require additional financial support from the local government in organizing such events.

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