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    Historic Contract: PKP Intercity and NEWAG Agreement for 63 New Multi-System Locomotives

    PKP Intercity has made history by signing a contract with NEWAG for the purchase of 63 multi-system electric locomotives. Valued at nearly PLN 2.3 billion gross, this is the first time both the carrier and the manufacturer have agreed on such a significant order for a single series of vehicles. The contract includes an option for an additional 32 locomotives and a 5-year maintenance service.

    Unprecedented Collaboration
    This monumental agreement marks a groundbreaking collaboration between PKP Intercity and NEWAG, as they embark on a journey to enhance the country’s rail fleet.

    Strategic Vision for High-Speed Travel
    Tomasz Gontarz, Vice President of the Management Board at PKP Intercity, highlights the strategic vision to have all locomotives in their fleet reaching speeds of 160-200 km/h by 2030, ensuring swift rail travel across Poland.

    Comprehensive Maintenance Approach
    The agreement includes a 5-year maintenance service provided by NEWAG, fostering collaboration with PKP Intercity employees to gain expertise for future independent maintenance services.

    Technical Specifications and Expansion Option
    The new multi-system locomotives, with a maximum speed of at least 200 km/h, will operate on various electrified rail lines. The contract also grants PKP Intercity the option to order an additional 32 locomotives, potentially increasing the contract’s value to nearly PLN 3.5 billion gross.

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