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    Historic Moment as Polish Army Welcomes Unprecedented Number of New Soldiers

    In a ceremony held in Warsaw on Saturday, a remarkable 1,800 new cadets swore their allegiance to the Polish army, marking an unprecedented milestone in the country’s military history.

    The swearing-in ceremony, graced by the presence of Mariusz Błaszczak, Poland’s defense minister, unfolded at the esteemed Military University of Technology in the capital city.

    Minister Błaszczak hailed the event as a powerful symbol of Poland’s security, lauding the dedication of the nation’s exceptional soldiers and the commitment of the young individuals who have chosen to embark on their adult lives in service to the Polish Army. He remarked, “It is a historic event; never before in the annals of the Polish Army have such a large number of aspiring officers taken their solemn oath.”

    The 1,800 newly sworn-in recruits will commence their studies at four prestigious military academies: the Military University of Technology, the Military University of Land Forces, the Polish Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy of the Heroes of Westerplatte. This influx of fresh talent is a testament to Poland’s unwavering commitment to fortifying its armed forces for the challenges of the future.


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