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    Historic Trams Return for Easter Monday

    On Easter Monday, Warsaw’s streets will resonate with the clang of vintage trams as Tramwaje Warszawskie proudly announces the revival of Line W. Departing from Osiedle Górczewska, these nostalgic trams, including classic models from the 1940s and 50s, alongside the iconic 1969 green articulated tram once traversing Poznań, will embark on a journey through the city’s historical routes.

    A Journey Through Time

    Embarking on a six-hour journey from noon to 6 PM, Line W will wind through Powstańców Śląskich, the new tracks on Wolska Street, Skierniewicka Street, Prosta Street, the ONZ roundabout, and beyond. With departures every 40 minutes, passengers have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in Warsaw’s past.

    Passengers aboard these heritage trams can utilize standard ZTM tickets, which will be stamped by conductors from the Club of Public Transportation Enthusiasts. Whether using single-ride tickets or mobile app purchases, the journey promises an authentic experience, complete with QR codes for digital ticket activation.

    For holders of period passes, prior validation in another public transport vehicle or at a metro gate is required for travel. As Warsaw commemorates its history, this Easter Monday offers a unique chance to journey through time aboard meticulously restored trams, evoking the spirit of a bygone era.

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