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    History of Children’s Day in Poland

    Children’s Day in Poland is celebrated on June 1st. Its history dates back to the post-war period, specifically 1952. The holiday was introduced by the initiative of the International Women’s Democratic Federation and aimed to promote children’s rights and support actions for their protection and health.

    The idea of celebrating Children's Day originates from the early 20th century. The first official celebrations took place on April 23, 1920, in Turkey, and in 1925, during the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, International Children's Day was established. The date of Children's Day celebrations varies by country. In Poland, it is celebrated on June 1st, a tradition that was established in the early 1950s.

    In Poland, Children’s Day is a day of joyful celebrations. Schools and kindergartens organize special events, sports competitions, artistic performances, and various games and activities. Parents often give children gifts and spend more time with them, planning trips or other attractions.

    In the early decades of celebrating Children’s Day in Poland (1950s and 1960s), the holiday was strongly promoted by the communist authorities. Mass events, fairs, and shows were organized, also serving as propaganda for the state’s social policy successes.

    The introduction of the Universal Survey of Children and Youth as part of Children’s Day celebrations, one of the largest undertakings of socialist Poland, aimed at diagnosing the needs of the youngest citizens in 1978.

    After the political changes in Poland and the fall of communism, Children’s Day remained an important holiday but changed its character. The focus shifted more towards children’s rights and their psychological and educational needs.

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